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Danah H. is a high-end jewelry and accessories line with an international flair. It is a luxury brand which caters to the tastes of the most discerning clientele in search of sophisticated luxury. The sumptuous collections are an embodiment of divine beauty and meticulous quality, reflecting classic elegance with modern edge.


The collections under the label Danah H. have been showcased internationally at top luxury boutiques and high-end stores and museums. The designer also collaborates with fashion designers during different seasons. The collections are handmade meticulously using diverse gemstones in combination with different types of metals, including precious metals.


The designer studied the art of fashion in the fashion capital Milan. She acquires her inspiration from frequently traveling and observing fashion related trends within the international scene, while drawing on her diverse heritage. With its origins being from the Middle East, Danah H. collections exhibit “Cross Cultural” designs blending Eastern, Western, and European influences and themes.

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