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The world is getting smaller and smaller, the internet and the low-cost travelling are undoubtedly the major creators. What happens in a remote village in the middle of nowhere can today have an extraordinary impact on the rest of the world.

We are human beings, art, the fashion industry, music, politics, food, uses, as well as food are more and more the expression of the continuous flow of information, scents, flavour, proportions and customs as new layers of skin or new through which we live the reality in a completely new way. Surely more complex, more colourful, richer, transversal, disruptive, in some ways disturbing and alarming.

Beautiful Bastard is a collection, a life-style originating from this awareness, which is inspired by this state of mind which takes nourishment from it and expresses it.

It isn't aimed at being yet another collection but a proposal, a mood, "un état d'esprit" for everyone around the world, for all those who are not afraid of diversity, of the unknown, for all those who take the good wherever it is coming from, making it their own, metabolising it and giving it back to the world. Beautiful Bastard is for all those who have regained sight and focus on the human condition and our dear planet earth rather than on blind consumerism.    

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